Welcome, You are invited to The Creating Room.  

This is our Creative Playroom;
a guide to discovering your inner creative self. 

In this room, you have permission to play with your creative soul.

Within this playroom, you have permission to break the rules of adulthood, have fun and even get a little messy.

Inside here, you have permission to relax, take a nap, or play with music. 

Here, you have permission to make mistakes, try something new, and grow your creative self.

When adulthood comes creeping in, there are tips and tricks for keeping your creative sanity.

So come in and play. You have permission.
There are games to play, crafts to make, snacks to be had, blanket forts, and even naptime.
Retreat from the real world and enter The Creating Room blanket fort;
let’s explore the room together as we travel through:

mandalas and photography,yellow n orange sun mandala

poetry play and journaling,words

and play dough and finger paints.20160531_101758

We are on this creative journey together.