Ten Minute Tuesday: Know Your Monsters

I have written previously about how to stop your Creativity sucking monsters.They can sneaky, distracting little creatures that keep us from doing our choice of creative work. For myself, it doesn’t seem to matter if I am writing or doing photography or making pendants, I seem to run into the same monsters time and time again.
For today’s ten minute exercise, I want you to play with paints, pens, pom poms…whatever creative or artsy materials inspire you. I want you to make a Creativity Sucking Monster Poster. Get to know them. Learn their habits. What do they look like? Sound like? Get to know them intimately. That way when they come knocking on your creative brain, then you will recognize them and be ready to defeat the ones right in front of you. Just remember, sometimes they create a full coordinated attack, and as soon as one is down, another is up. Just keep reminding them where they belong. As with all things, monsters have their place, and sometimes we may even sweet talk them out to play when we need them but for todays task, Just recognize them.

Here is how I did mine in three steps. Getting to know them revealed that some did not look like I suspected. My nemesis of “are you sure it’s good enough” monster, looks sweet and innocent, and sounds all sing song, but really the message she is sending is very negative. It reminds me that sometimes what comes out looking like a “voice of reason” may really be a monster trying to sabotage my creative efforts.

monsters 1

I began by using a mix of watercolor paints and stamp pads, my fingers and one monster was created with a paintbrush.

monsters 2

Then I added googly eyes and cut up pom poms to make hair.

monster 3

The orange and blue one or the “twins” of cleaning and children. The little pink one is my nemesis, “Good Enough”. ┬áThe big red one of avoidance, black of no sleep, blue for the little boy, and the orange of having fun with friends and procrastination.

What do your monsters look like? I would love to see. Share on my Facebook page.