10 Practical Steps to Unproductiveness

Have you been stuck on Productivity? Have you been so caught up in completing tasks, running around making sure all the things you do are productive? What if you stepped away from the constant rush of productiveness? What if you allowed yourself a break from the constant stress off wondering if what you has a finalized result? What if you let go? What if you let go of the stress of being productive and allowed yourself to play? Here are ten practical steps to Unproductiveness.

  1. Take a walk. Go outside. Notice all the small things. The yellow flowers. The clover creeping through lawns. The shifting whips clouds against the blue sky. Pay Attention to what is around in you in the moment while you walk.
  2. Color Crayons! Color a picture. Draw something in white crayon on white paper then use watercolor paint over it. Use watercolors and paint. Make Big, Fat pictures or tiny, dainty pictures. Get into the color and be messy if you want.
  3. Play with flax seed, flour, soft sand or cornstarch. This is all sensory input but relaxing on your hands, even to your feet. These materials are comforting and soft to touch. There is a reason pre-schools use these materials; it’s not just to learn sensory experience but because to most kids, it feels good to play with them.
  4. Journal Write. Write for 10 minutes on nothing or everything or what happened that morning or yesterday afternoon. Just write. Don’t let the pen stop and don’t worry about grammar or punctuation. This is just a brain dump. If you are having a hard time start with “the other day” or “I remember when”. Sometimes we have so much going on, we just need to get it out.
  5. Collect something. Go outside. Go to the beach, the park, almost anywhere outside. Collect leaves, rocks, sticks and branches.
  6. Create something with your collection: picture frame, pressed leaves collage, rock coasters or painted rocks.
  7. People watch. This is one of the best ways for being unproductive. Observing people at a coffee shop, the mall, at a large park. Listening to them. Noticing their little movements. Noticing how they look. Observing how they sound or smell or the way the eat. There is no need to be stare rudely. Just watch. Take notes if you must. But be aware.
  8. Now…maybe create something from your observations. A painting or drawing; write out a character sketch or a letter pretending to be someone you observed. Get into the project and lose your self for a little while.
  9. Do Nothing. Not one thing. Sit in your favorite spot with your favorite drink and Do nothing. Breathe in every moment of nothingness. Soak it up as if you are sunbathing. Even if it just ten minutes. Do nothing.
  10. Be Creative. Always. These steps of unproductiveness are all tips to boost your creative soul out of a slump and into being more creative. More creativity, more happiness.

two practical steps to unproductiveness