DIY: Mandala Salt Art Project

This Friday’s DIY project is a fun one that I first practiced with kids, then had a great time teaching to adults who wanted to do more sophisticated designs. I love Mandala’s. To begin this project I started with a mandala that I had drawn in a journal. It was a simple enough design to do this project with.

salt art 1
Starting mandala design

The next few steps are fairly simple and I think, it’s fun.

salt art 2
Mandala design with glue. I used Elmers Extreme Craft glue. Then I covered the design with salt. 
salt art 3
While waiting for the salt to stick, I picked my colors. I wanted to stay true to the colors in the original design.
salt art 4
Here I have dumped all the extra salt off and discovered that Elmers Extreme is NOT a No Run formula. Oh well, live and learn. I have done this with Aileenes Tacky Glue and No Run school Glue with better results.
salt art 5
Then I began dabbing my watercolors onto the salt in small sections. The salt bleeds the color through itself.
salt art 6
This is the result of just a few dabs of watercolor. You can also use q-tips or if you have them, water droppers and just a drop at a time.
salt art 7
Finished project! It came out better than I thought with the glue that ran. This project took about 20-30 minutes to set up and complete. You can do this on canvas as well to hang on your wall.