Ten Minute Tuesday: Quick Poetry

There is the long held belief that poetry is difficult to write. It has an air of mystery around it that, people, when asked, are afraid to try writing it. I have heard from many, “Oh no, I could write a poem. I am not that creative.” Can I tell you a dirty little secret?



Writing poetry may seem complicated AND, if you are writing in particular forms or styles of poetry, they can be difficult and challenging. But to just sit and write a poem, one needs a simple start. Here is my suggestion to you for you Ten Minute Tuesday: Click on the word tiles PDF file below and save it. Cut the words and phrases into small pieces. Put them into a baggie or bowl, or even a cup. Draw out 10-12 words. Now, Use your ten minutes and write a free verse poem using all the words or phrases that you pulled out. Keep it simple, maybe 10-15 lines.

word tiles 1