Ten Minute Tuesday: Photos on Canvas

For your Ten Minute Tuesday pleasure I have a simple photo project for you. I did while drinking my cups of coffee this morning. I love sneaking bits of crafty fun into my morning. Today’s project requires a small, simple canvas, some kind of pauge, like Mod Pauge or Collage Page (which is what I use), preferably a small foam brush but a brush like I used in the pictures below will work too, and a photo you would like to give the canvas look to. ¬†In choosing a photo it is preferable to have one that goes edge to edge, ¬†however, I did not have such a photo on hand so I will show you the trick I used.

Follow the photo prompts with directions below each one. Like I said, I did it while enjoying a cup of coffee and it took about ten minutes, and my creative side was well satisfied. The point to Ten Minute Tuesday is to find those little pockets of time to play creatively. So let’s go!