Ten Minute Tuesday: 20 Good Things

Our world is currently filled with tension. Emotions are on the surface and temperaments are being pushed to their limits. The Creating Room is a refuge from the outside world. It is your playroom where we share, try to get along, and have fun. This is not ignorance of what is happening in the world but a hope to bring about some positivity when the air is full of negative energy. So, for ten minutes today, just ten, you can focus on what it good in the world and with you.
The Twenty Good Things List.

This is a list of ten good things about you and ten good things about other people. Acknowledging the good does not make the negative disappear, it just reminds us that there is still positive people and things in the world. Below is my list. It took me just about twelve minute to write it as I always have a hard time writing good things about myself, as I imagine many of us do. Now is the time to give yourself permission to look at all the good within you and write it down. Write it and look at it when you are feeling low or when it seems like nothing is going write with you or with the world. How do you feel after writing it? Any better? Did you discover something about yourself or the people around that you didn’t know or maybe have forgotten about? 


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One thought on “Ten Minute Tuesday: 20 Good Things

  1. I love how you describe your kids… The words that jump out are both visible and invisible: HAPPY and NORMAL…. perfection is seen in that they ARE “messy, mistake-making, non-sparkly”, yet that perfection creates HAPPY… and THAT does make them SPARKLY
    … I LOVE it! You are an awesome MOM and you make me PROUD… Love, Mom.

    PS… You did make one mistake about your assessment about yourself, though… You are MORE than a fair photographer…. I see so much inspiration in your work, not just in the “big picture”; but you draw it out in even the simplest of things as well.

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