Photo Wednesday #This Body


So PhotoWednesday is going in a different direction today. Let me share about my body story. I am sharing with you a video that I made for a Lane Bryant’s contest #thisbody. I feel it is important to share here because in this society we do a lot of body shaming, judging, and often have an all around negative attitude toward anyone that is plus size. NOT Everyone, but society in general. So here I am being real about my body and what I can and cannot do. It had to be less than one minute so the written poem is cut short. Maybe someday I will do a video of the whole poem. In meantime, no matter what size or shape your body is, I would bet at one time or another you felt not beautiful, not worthy enough, too big or too small, too curvy or too square shaped. The truth is I think each one of us has struggled with body image, and the idea behind #thisbody is acceptance. If I can learn to accept my body, then it is easier to accept other’s bodies without judgement. Though, I am often harder on myself than I am on other people. Maybe you are too. I am not making excuses for my body, it is what it is and I work on keeping it healthy more than determining what shape it is. In fact, I had quite a direct conversation with my doctor about it today. My heart is good. My blood sugar is normal. I do exercise. Not that he thinks my weight is in a healthy range but he understands where I am is guiding my HEALTH not my size. Are you healthy? That’s what matters. 

I was afraid to put this out there. I am still afraid to lay what I say in front of you but here it is.
I invite you to share your body story as well. We all have them.