8 Tips for a Peaceful Crafting Season

The holiday season has arrived. For creatives it is a time of crafting, creating, and giving. In some form or another, you will probably do at least one or two projects, and possibly six or seven. You will probably make a gift or two, create some yummy treat for a party or your office. It is the time of year for being extra crafty and creative. However, this can also lead to burn out as you try to fit time for all your regularly planned activities as well as extra projects. Here are 8 magical tips to help you have a peaceful crafting holiday season.

  1. Plan Ahead. Try not to burn yourself out making a bunch of stuff at one time. This can seem like a great idea at the moment but leads to, what I call, a crafting hangover. A crafting hangover can lead you to not wanting to touch a single creating item for a while and pure exhaustion. So, plan out your month of projects in ways that are not overwhelming. Maybe combining a simple and a complex project for the same day. This leads us to…ultimate-toolbox-2
  2. Combine like projects. Still planning ahead, for example do kitchen and food products on one or two shifts, and maybe ornaments or mantle decorating on another. If you are doing a bunch of foodstuff combined all the chocolate things or all the cookies or the breads based on ingredients. For non-food projects playing them around whether the use similar products.
  3. Prepare. Know what you have and what you need to get right down to tape or glue or the smallest piece. This will keep stress away because you will not be running around at the last minute wondering where something is or freaking out because you have don’t have enough glue sticks to finish your project.img_0132
  4. Make a list. Know what you’re making for the home for gifting for parties or for work. I am bad at this but working on it and can tell you that a list just makes planning so much easier. It keeps me from focusing on a project I don’t mean for three weeks and focused on the project I need this weekend.
  5. Take a break. Crafters put their heart and soul into their work. Give yourself time to recuperate after a crafting shift. If you burnout you will want to make anything else.
  6. Breathe. This seems like a basic concept but you know how it can go. Time is running out so hurry as you start to rush you tend to tense up and not to breathe deeply. Tell yourself to breathe and you will feel the tension begin to lead the body. 
  7. Perfection is not required. Even in gift giving there is room for little mistakes. The beauty of crafting is that there are just ways of discovering working around the mistakes you make driving give a disastrous a project away? No, but I do know an accidental dot of paint here or miss flower ribbon there is not the end of a gift. Do your best. That is all you can do. Do not be mean to yourself over a simple mistake.
  8. Have fun. You craft because you love to. It makes you happy. Try not to get so caught up with feeling the rush of the holidays you forget to have fun with whatever projects you’re taking on.20160531_101758

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