Ten Minute Tuesday: Mood Jar

I love mood jars or relaxation jars, like the ones pictured here. I have made them for kids where I used to work using plastic water bottles as well but I think the mason jars are much prettier and a little more sturdy. They do not take long to make at all and only require a few simple ingredients. They are a great distraction if you just need to focus your mind on something else for a little while. They also make great calming down jars when a kid is upset.

The basic set up is a mason jar, I just got mine at the dollar store, glitter glue ( I like Elmer’s gel Glitter glue), and hot water. Of course, I couldn’t help but add in some fine pink glitter and some large flake iridescent blue glitter. Why? Because you really can’t have too much glitter, if anyone tells you that you can, they are Wrong! Thanks to the lid getting stuck on the pink glitter, I am now wearing it for the rest of the day. So, back to the jar. I just used hot water from my coffee pot. You can heat up in the microwave as well. You don’t want it boiling, just hot enough to mix the glue. Set everything up in one place and you are ready to go. Now, if you are going to let a child use it, I would also recommend using a glue gun to seal the lid on to prevent glitter glue catastrophes. Just follow the pictures step by step. PS. Cool Tip: I buy cheap dowels in the package for about .99 cents at JoAnn’s and use those for stir sticks with craft projects.