Photo Wednesday: Winter is Coming

Winter is coming, arriving in spurts in the valley.  In the Sacramento area, winter basically has three types of days: foggy and gray with cold, wake up to everything frosted, no clouds, and FREEZING, and rain. There is no snow here and the worst of the foggy days rolls in about January. In fact, January is a good mix of frosty mornings and foggy mornings. This year, we are all hoping for a bit more rain. We really need it. I love the look of frosted grass and leaves, almost like it snowed but not quite. We have seen snow once or twice but it doesn’t stick. But every year my kids ask if it will. 

For Photo Wednesday, which I thought about changing to wordless Wednesday, but didn’t because I like to write, I bring you winter in Sacramento, actually Elk Grove, the smallish town just south of Sacramento. It is a mix of old farmland and new shopping centers and if you ever need hair or nails done, we have plenty of those too. I live on the edge of the suburban area which allows me access to a gorgeous field that allows me to take awesome photos of the sunrise after dropping my son at the bus stop. What does winter look like where you are?

                       Foggy Sunrise over a field
                                                            Frosted Morning
                                                                After the Rain



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