Ten Minute Tuesday: Go Back in Time

Winter is closing in upon us and with it brings childhood traditions and beliefs as we face the coming holidays. There may be activities we always do, places we always go, and people we always see. Growing up in the Sacramento valley California, snow on the ground was never part of my winter childhood. Once in a while we would go up the mountain and play in the snow but those were rare occasions. My winters were mostly filled with rainy days, frosty lawns, and dense fog. But I do remember craft fairs and relatives gathering to make things by hand. Mostly my aunts, my grandmother, and my mom would sit up all night as they knitted, painted, created buttons, sticky stained glass art, and dolls. Often I would sneak out in the middle of the night and listen to them as they share chocolate around the table and talked into the wee hours of morning. It didn’t matter how much they had to get done but it was always ready for the fair the next day. I had no choice but to become a crafter. It was in my blood. Every once in a while when I am stuck I go back to those childhood memories, where I would sit in the hallway and listen while the women gathered around the kitchen table creating and I become inspired again.

For today’s 10 minute Tuesday, I want you to go back to a (positive) childhood tradition,  or a childhood action that allowed you to feel creatively free. If you cannot remember one or do not have one, imagine what it is you would have liked to have done.
What is it? Could you re-create it?  What delighted you? What brings to the surface your desire to create? I remember trying to create alongside them and feeling that I would never reach the level they were at. Yet here I am today, still creating, still making things, wishing for my own table of women to share chocolate and conversation with. I believe that they lost time because they were so engrossed in what they were making and the company they were keeping. What can you do that will cause you to lose time? What can you create and let time stand still?

So for today find that moment in your life where you are creating contently and try it again.