All I Want for Christmas… A Gift for Loves Ones

I could say there are many things that I want. I wants new photography equipment( like a lightbox), a Lane Bryant gift card, some new art supplies, maybe some new jewelry pieces, warm slippers, and new business cards (but thanks to mom those are on their way). But those are just things. What I want for Christmas is to be able to give certain things to the people I love. So this year what I want for Christmas is to be able to give.

For my mom, I wish that I could give her the funds to do the repairs on her house, to send her on a cross-country trip on the train, just because, and finally I wish nothing more than for the pain of the arthritis to stop at her hands and her hips. I know she doesn’t like the medication she takes for it, and I know she gets frustrated by how her movement is affected.

My 19-year-old daughter, I wish nothing more than the give her the courage to keep following her dreams is an artist. I wish to ease her depression and make it easier for her to go to school and to find a job that she will enjoy. I wish to see her smile just because. I love that she feels things so deeply but I wish it didn’t hurt her so much.

For my 14-year-old, I wish for her to find an outlet for her humor. She is incredibly funny, does amazing voices and wants nothing more than to be an actor and do voice-overs. I can not afford acting classes, or head shots, or any of the other things needed to go along with that career choice. But I want her to keep working towards that because it makes her happy.

For my eight-year-old, I wish for him all the answers to all of the questions he asks daily. I hope he remains forever curious and wonders about the world around him. (I wish there was a giant book of answers I could give him).

For my sister, who is taking a leap of faith, and quitting her job to follow her heart, I wish for success in her endeavor. I wish I could give to her instant clients and followers for her blog and her business.

For my friend, J.R., I would give her the gift of time. The time to do the schoolwork and her job, and her tutoring, and still have time left for hiking, writing, ceramics, beach trips and her loving boyfriend.

For my friend LB, I I would give to her some quiet. I would gift her with time alone. Time for writing and reading. Then, I would wish for her to be surrounded by family and love during the holidays.

For my friend RB, I would give to her a small house in Oregon, where she can finally settle into her own space and find peace. I would give her faith in herself and remind her that she is worth someone who loves all of her.

These are the gifts I would love to give this year. Some money could buy, if I had it to give. And there are some that money cannot buy and only with encouragement, patience, and love can they be delivered. What I want more than anything for Christmas is for those I love to find their happiness; I want them to find their peace and comfort. Those are things that cannot come wrapped under the Christmas tree, though I wish for them none the less.
Tell me,

What would you wish for Christmas this year?

One thought on “All I Want for Christmas… A Gift for Loves Ones

  1. The next time you catch a glint of glitter twinkling in the distance, it is from the tears of joy you have given me throughout the years; from the moment of your birth until the end of time, you are now, always have been, and always will be one of my greatest joys! You, alone, ARE the gifts you have given me and are beyond measurable value. You are loved, liked, and appreciated.

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