Ten Minute Tuesday: The Five and Five List

The new year is coming upon us and goal setting for it seems to be on a lot of people’s minds. There are A LOT of really good planning guides out there. I have used some of them. However, I want to show another way to think about your new year. The planners often require more time and a lot of thought for the things you want to accomplish for the new year. People agonize over completing their goals and lists. I am not saying it’s not important to think about these things but what if you could get the basics on paper quickly. This is the Five and Five list.

There are Five categories to it: Dreams, Goals, New Things, Things to Change, and Self- Care. In each section you list only five goals. The reason for doing it quickly is to follow your intuition. Allow your gut instincts to guide your goals to get at what you really want and not what you think you “should” do. Often, when we spend to much time in our head about something, we start thinking of the “should’s” and not the true desires. I am not saying that the list can’t be modified but I suggest letting it sit for a few days before looking back over it and revising. You will find that most of what you put down is right on target with those things you truly want in your life.

Just click to download your template for your list: New Year Five &Five List

You can check out what I put on mine. I only revised two items on the list since I originally wrote it and that was because I wanted to change out one goal. Now, when I sit down and plan out my goals for the year, look at what I want to accomplish, and plan my baby steps, I have an idea where I am going. And the ideas all came from following my intuition, my gut instincts rather than from a list of what I think I should be doing. So go ahead, challenge yourself. Download the free template and make your list today.

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