Photo Wednesday: Going Anywhere?

“She took the midnight train going anywhere.” Journey, Don’t Stop Believin’

I love railroad tracks especially old ones, overrun with grass, weeds, and wildflowers. They used to go somewhere. At some point people would board the train and take off on an adventure somewhere. Train tracks carry mystery and intrigue for me. They leave me wondering about the people that once may have sat in the seats, where they were going…were their hearts broken? Were they in love? Were they looking for work? Though it’s the past, I don’t have their stories so the possibilities of their adventures are endless.

Tell me the story in picture of going somewhere or going away; Show me where they have come from or where they are headed.

The pictures below were take by me on the marsh in Arcata, CA. I love the way the disappear into the horizon. I imagine farmers on their way to find work. People who came on ships taking the train inland. People coming in from San Francisco or headed to Sacramento.