My Favorite Daily Go-To’s

What are a few of my favorite things?  When the blocks come? When the interruptions reign? Here are a few of my favorite things.

Here are five of my favorite go-to items that I use to boost my creative flow or give me a swift kick in the creative behind when I need it. Most of the items I go to almost daily. It keeps me going. Sometimes, I will immerse myself in a few of the things for a good thorough soaking of creative input.

Even with an indoor picnic lunch on a rainy day.

The first one: COFFEE! I run on coffee. Not just for the caffeine boost but I LOVE the flavor of coffee. I will drink it at night. It generally doesn’t affect my sleep as I run from 5:30am to about midnight naturally, so coffee in the evening does not bother me.
The next item on my list is other creative bloggers.  The first one I want to mention is a good friend of mine, Tery from Creative Soul Poetry, who uses creativity for healing and shares fabulous creative ideas. She is  someone dedicated to bringing her two loves together mental wellness and creativity. She just launched her new site and it is fabulous! Then there is Laura Probert, a writer and holistic physical therapist; she does not ask anyone to do anything that she has not tried herself. She goes through transformational change fiercely and out loud, and is incredibly brave.  Next on the list is Lamisha Serf- Walls, she is a mindset coach who is as  creative as she is inspirational. She runs a mindset group where she provides videos and topics to help move you forward almost daily. She believes in the amazing strength of people to create their own change. Just recently I discovered  Stacy at Birch and Button, through a post on Pinterest. After reading through her blog, I felt I had stumbled upon a fellow creative spirit. I haven’t talked to her yet but I love her blog.  I also follow an awesome creative cook, Debra from Bowl-me Over. LOVE her recipes and she is an amazing person. You can find her live on Facebook cooking sometimes. If you want to see my interviews with Tery, Laura, Lamisha, or Debra here.

Number three on my list are some of my favorite magazines to browse through where I find all kinds of ideas. My current fave is Artful Blogger put out by Somerset Studios, run by Stampington & Company. The stories of the bloggers and the pictures are amazing and inspiring. I also love their Where Women Create and Where Women Create Business Edition. I especially love the business one. It always FULL of awesome tips and information. I love the interviews with the women ( and sometimes men) that are in creative businesses. Its a factor hard to find in many business magazines. I have a couple of stacks of these as they come out every three months, and I don’t like getting rid of them. Somerset Studios does a great job putting together beautiful and informative magazines. They have a whole collection of crafty and creative magazines.

Then, there are my favorite books and authors. SARK is my main go-to when I am in a creative funk. Her books are so colorful and bright. And I can turn to almost any page. Once ready, I can just flip through the pages for some inspiration. Ken Robinson, an expert in creativity, and someone who is actively proposing more creative learning in education is a phenomenal writer and someone I follow in you tube videos and TedTalks. He just knows what it is to have your creativity stifled and knows how to find it in a person. Love his books. Then There is Elizabeth Gilbert. I still have “Big Magic” to read but I follow her in her videos and interviews as well. And I loved “Eat Pray Love” so much that when I finished it, I bought copies for all the women at my work. The final author I have recently fallen in love with is Brene’ Brown. She isn’t a creativity author but she is dedicated to living full authentic lives. Creativity help authenticity as much as authenticity helps your creativity go deeper and fuller.

Finally, just playing with mandalas, or in my art journal with pens and colorful paper. Even using quotes from my Inspiration board on Pinterest to delve into myself. Sometimes it is simple journaling. But it is all play. Play is so essential to creativity. Just letting your mind wander through whatever you are working on with out a set goal in mind. When I start a mandala I have no idea what it will look like when its done, I just do it. I let the process lead me. This process allows me to trust my creative instincts when I am working on more constructive projects that require a certain end result because I know I can trust my instincts.

These are a few of my favorite things. The creative tools I keep in my pocket for every day and for those times when I did a little something more in my creative life. These tools keep me going. How about you? What creative tools keep you inspired? How do you stay creative?


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  1. Thanks so much for the mention and your nice message, Susan! For some reason I didn’t get your message straight away so I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to come and check out your post. It’s so lovely to connect with likeminded people, though!

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