Ten Minute Tuesday: Creating Your PlayDates!

It’s a late post today and the first in a while. I have been having some health issues that have interfered with posting. As the new year as arrived, I thought about what kind new creative experiences  I would like for this year. It isn’t so much about resolutions but rather inviting in opportunities for creative adventuring.

Creative adventuring allows us to make a playdate with ourselves to do something just for our creativity. However you express your creativity, you can always grow your appreciation and skill by inviting new experiences. This is creating your on Creative PlayDate with yourself.
PlayDates can be anything from discovering a new place to hike in solitude to a trip to a museum (whatever kind you find intriguing). Or maybe it’s a long walk along the beach or a class in fused glass just because. When we open ourselves up to new experiences we allow the creative part of our brain to add new information to what we already creative perception. This GROWS our creative spirit. It expands our creative soul!

For your planning guide and your commitment to expanding the scope of your creative self, just click below. I made a commitment too. I made out my list and have committed to try at least something once a month. When the list is complete, you will have enough new things to try for at least every other week for a year. You can always challenge your self and add five more items to each list and have enough for once a week PlayDates. So go ahead, take ten minutes and commit to new experiences in the new year.

The Creative PlayDate-2