Photo Wednesday: It’s the Small Things

It’s the small things that catch our eye, bring us joy and wonder. Yes, Grand things are spectacular and awe-inspiring. However, I see the small things as those that touch my heart. Collections of pieces of friends and loved ones who have given me something that symbolizes our relationship in some way. Other small things, like the simple rose with rain drops or the yellow rose shining in the sun, bring delight, beauty and joy to me. As for the little red berries, there is just something about the red against the bark and green that catches my eye in delight and perspective. I can’t really put my finger on it. And sometimes, with pictures we aren’t meant to put a name to the exact feeling of the image. We simply allow what arises within us to be with us.
The images below are small tokens given or collected over the years from those I love with the exception of a few. The little dragon was a gift from santa in my stocking this year, the little angels were from my old job and kept me company in the little office I used. They all hold a special significance to me. SO…show me. What are the small things that delight you? What small things do you treasure?