How to Step up Your Creative Dedication

Have you ever dedicated yourself to something?

Have you ever felt the call to pursue a path so much that you knew that no matter if you failed or succeeded you would follow the path anyways.

Elizabeth Gilbert, in her book Big Magic, discusses how she dedicated herself to writing as a teenager. In her book, she says she never promised to make money or let it support her but rather she would support and help her writing grow. I thought about this concept in depth the last few days after finishing her book.  I always knew I was a writer, a storyteller of some kind since I was ten. I knew. In all these years, I never thought to create an actual dedication to writing. Then I thought about it. I write this blog as often as I can. There are times when health gets in the way but I do my best to be consistent. Upon reading about Elizabeth Gilberts dedication ceremony to her writing, I made the conscious decision to create not just a dedication to writing but a dedication to my blog as well. I am still working on the writing one. Fixing some tweaks in the wording, then I am going to create a ceremony around it just for myself. See, I have been longing for a purpose with all the changes in my life over the last three or so years. So much has changed that I have felt lost in the dark. But this concept of dedication to something that I don’t have to put any expectations on but rather it becomes by purpose to take care of it, lights the darkness just a bit.

So for you my dear readers and friends. I am dedicating myself to my blog in whatever form it decides to grow and meander through it’s life. Here is my dedication to The Creating Room.

I dedicate myself to the writing of my blog. I dedicate compassion, kindness, nurturing, and love to The Creating Room. I dedicate an amount of available energy and time to providing my best possible content to the blog. My blog will not be perfect; it may never even, possibly, fit into any particular niche or category. I dedicate authenticity and myself to arrive in the posts that I write. I dedicate to sharing other content that suits the style, nature, and themes of my blog. I will not ask my blog to make me money nor shall I demand a liveable income from it. I will simple feed it what it needs to grow for the people who read it. I will continue to follow the path of caring for this blog as long as we are happy and contented with one another. 

Here is my intention:

“I will intentionally write my blog for the sole purpose of the blog itself, and for my joy and happiness.”

I know many people out there that are creating blogs for the sole purpose to make it their way to earn a living. They purposely choose to take their blog down the path of monetization. It is not that I do not want to make money with my blog but I am not going to demand that it support me when for me the blog is about the message I bring my readers and if that never makes me a penny, that is okay. I do it out of love. There is the question what would you do if you could not fail? It is a great question. But Ms.Gilbert points out the flip side which I think is more revealing, “What would you do if you knew you would fail?” What if you knew you might fail a hundred times? What would you do if you knew that there was no monetary pay-off? Would you still do it? Would you still dare to follow the path that has chose you and you have chosen it? This blog is my heart and soul on the page, revealed for the world to see. If you read it, you will know me and when we meet, you will have the advantage of knowing who I am before I know you. But I will write it anyway. Even if there are no comments, no brands vying to pay me to advertise. I write it because I love it. Does this make me any less serious than someone who makes money on their blog? No. Does it make them wrong for designing a blog to make a living? Absolutely not. In fact, I wish them nothing but the best in the world for their efforts. For me, my blog is for writing and tending to; it is for sharing ideas and exchanging thoughts; for introducing concepts and for FUN and PLAY. So, I am dedicated to my blog as I am to my other writing, simply for the sake of being called to this path. May it lead to some wonderful adventures.