Photo Wednesday: Seeking out Renoir

Auguste Renoir - A Girl with a Watering Can - Google Art Project

Pierre-Auguste Renoir [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Something a little different for your Wednesday. A photo of one of my favorite pieces of art. A painting by Renoir in 1876. I used to have this on my wall growing up. I was always drawn to her. I wished that I could disappear into her world and play with her. Maybe she reminded me of the little girl from The Secret Garden. I don’t know. But I LOVED her all through childhood. I kept her well into adulthood and somewhere in all my moving around, I lost her. But I remember making up stories in my head about this girl with blond hair and how she played in the gardens. She was my kindred spirit. I never knew who the painting was by until I became an adult and went looking to find one to replace the lost one. I never have. It didn’t seem like it would feel the same has the one on the wood background, I had had all my life. Though now, as I grow older, I long for her again. I want to hear her stories in my head again; maybe right them down this time. I always wondered what her name was and where she came from and I think the only way to know is to invite her back to my wall and ask her.

Do you have a piece of art that you love? That tells you stories and fills your imagination? If not now, did you at one point have a painting or picture that lived with through out childhood that you long to rediscover? Here is my Wednesday challenge to you: find a piece of art, painting or photograph that tells you their story in some form. Write it down. Or at least converse with it and see what happens. Our wildly creative imaginations need this delightful nutrition to survive on. I implore you to dig deep within and discover that which speaks to you and makes you fall in love with it; maybe it calls to you to bring it home so it my find its place on your wall, even if there is no logic or it doesn’t go with anything. Do it because it speaks to you in the wildest part of your imagination.

One thought on “Photo Wednesday: Seeking out Renoir

  1. When you shared this with me, I was instantly drawn back in time to the my senior year in high school when I bought that piece of art as part of a fund raiser. I knew in my heart that some day I would have my own little girl to share it with; it hung on my own wall, sneaked its way into the world of my imaginings of that little girl in the garden, until you were born and it became a part of your world as well. Thank you for sharing how much such a simple thing can influence the world of a child and into adulthood… I never knew…

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