Ten Minute Tuesday: New Perspectives

A couple of years ago a I wrote a blog on perspective and how important it is to remember your perspective when creating your art. I spoke of the importance of staying true to your perspective in your writing, art making and general creativity as you are the only person in the world with your unique view of the world. You can read the post here: “Perspective: Your’s, Mine and Ours.” I was trying to establish that no matter how many other ways there are to look at a situation, there is generally only one or two that YOU identify with personally and those are what you should work from.
But I am going to pull you back from that a little bit. When creativity gets into a rut or feels stalled, it often needs a fresh angle to be looked through, much like a heated disagreement, one might step back and refresh the angles of the conversation. Today’s Ten Minute Tuesday task is to look at and accept another perspective other than yours. It can be on any topic you wish from world politics to a family disagreement.
For your first step, which may be the hardest, I want you to step into the perspective of the other side. No arguing with it. You don’t have to agree with it either. I just want you to see it. Taste it and smell it. Feel your way around it in your mind with out judgement. If you start to feel your own counter-argument coming on, stop yourself. Immerse yourself in this opposing perspective. Then without judgement, I want you to write for ten minutes from this same place. NO blaming. No exclamations of right or wrong. Just write from within this particular angle of discussion.

Now, you are wondering why? Why are we doing this? Because perspective is important. If we are stuck, flipping the switch my be just the move we do to provide us a fresh angle, even in our creative work. It takes practice to know when and how to apply opening ourselves up to other ideas. This includes passing judgement on them. Judgements in our perspective  help define who we are, what we believe, and how we live our lives.
It is equally important that we look at our creative issues without judgement, without attachment.

Once a project is completed, how can we be ready to perfect it for its release into the world? We can prepare it by looking at it from a fresh perspective. Perhaps from the perspective of the people we are trying to speak to. Perhaps from the perspective of the editors may read it. We need to be able to do these things without our judgment getting in the way. So today’s 10 minute practice is all about letting go of judgment and giving ourselves the gift a fresh perspective.

The reason I suggest using a topic or an argument in which you disagree with your opponent is because this is often the most difficult for us to do; that is to allow the others position to exist without our passing our own judgment on their beliefs. If we can conquer this even in its smallest form, then we are capable of using this practice in our creativity.