Susan: In Search of a Niche

In the world of blog posting you’re supposed to have a niche, a place that you belong, which fits your specific topic. I have recently discovered that this is a form of writing that does not suit me. I may not get sponsors or affiliates or other ways to monetize my blog. And I think I’m okay with that. I don’t write every week because I hope that I can reach thousands of people and in that process make money. I write what I write about because I love it. I post the topics that I find most valuable to me and those that I love. See my dear readers, I post about what’s important to my heart and my soul and I expect nothing back. It could be that my blog will never make a single dime. It could be that my blog will reach only a few hundred readers and that is okay with me too.
I drowned myself in reading about ways to make money with my blog. I drowned myself and trying to learn how to create affiliate links and to get sponsors and find other ways to monetize my blog such as such as e-books, workshops and other services. The blogs that provide the services do make money and I respect them for what they do. But that is not me.  Would  I love to make money doing what I do on my blog? Sure. I would certainly love to have my blog bring me an income that I can live off of but I will not do it at the sacrifice of creating material and writing that comes from my soul. I would much rather you have it for free and for both of us to feel we have gained something from the relationship.

There may come a time, when I may find the right affiliate or the right sponsor and I will include them in a blog post or on my sidebar, but until that time comes, it’s  just me and you trying to figure out creativity in this crazy world. I know for now I do not fit into any particular niche or corner of the blogging world. I am a mix of creativity, crafting, lifestyle, and personal growth. And I am okay with that. I don’t see that changing. Maybe you take some and leave some. Maybe some will speak to you and some will not, that’s okay too. I’m not trying to win a popularity contest. And I am no longer in high school, where I feel I must belong to a certain group of people in order to be cool. I think what makes me cool is being true to who I am and I hope, that you are here because you were also okay and pretty darn cool for being who you are.

So from now on, you will see even more of a mix from me as I write about things that I am passionate about: photgraphy and writing, crafts that I find exciting and fun, maybe a soapbox once in a while just for the hell of it, but mostly you’ll find that I will continue to write about the creativity that I find so precious and so valuable in a world that still expects us to conform to standardized formats in order to make a living. Maybe making your living should not only be about money, but rather about what brings greater happiness or at least allows for the pursuit of happiness. Much thanks to you all for being such dedicated readers. I look forward to getting to know you in my blogging journey.

In honor of this declaration, I am providing  you with get some new freebies for you to use your creative life. The first of which is a PDF file of a 30 Day Journal Giveaway. Happy journaling and good luck.

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  1. I feel your frustration. I have been reading so much about blogging, and it just seems to consume and confuse me more. Just write because we want to write. That is all!

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