Ten Minute Tuesday: Anything Can Happen

I had a lovely Ten Minute Tuesday post for you today. However, there were some copyright issues I had to attend to before I could publish it. This is the first time I have had to do this since usually I don’t rely on other sites for information or if I do, they simply require me to share their link. But this time the topic was interesting enough that I wanted to make sure I got the information right at the source, which required me to ask permissions to use quotes from their page. So it is my hope that next week you will see the surprise I have for you.

For today I want you to choose how you will spend your ten  minutes. Take ten minutes. Journal. Free write. Paint. Play with sand or draw an mandala  or play with  play dough. Take your ten  minutes and sit in silence. Consciously people watch. It is your choice today so long as you take your ten minutes to do something for your creative soul.  Ten Minute Tuesday has never been about just doing creative or play activities. It is about purposely taking the time and setting aside those minutes for YOU and YOUR creative soul.

It can be anything so long as you feel your creative needs have been met. Maybe you work near an art gallery and you take your time to wander through a local artists works. Maybe you take ten minutes to listen to the musician on the street corner. Maybe you doodle on post it notes at your desk during your break while people around you are typing and answering phone calls. Maybe you watch videos on how to paint or draw.  My recent love has been following Button Poetry on YouTube and listening to poetry slams. I love the energy they build when they speak. My point is my dear friends, is not in the exact how you spend your time but that you give yourself the gift of the time itself. As always, happy creating.