Ten Creative Ways to Say “I Love You”

1) Create their favorite meal
* Pick a day and create a special meal just for the two of you to share.  This is something you can with a best friend, your partner, or kids. It works for whomever you wish to say “I love you.”

2) Create a ”You” Day
*Dedicate one day to what it is they would love to do. Whether it is watching their favorite movies,  going to the park, or driving to the mountains; it is their day

3)  “Pass a note”
*Sneak a note in their lunchbox. Write a letter and mail it to their office or work.

4)  Mail a letter home for them to receive.

5) Learn “I love you” in other languages, put it on notes around the house or in their car or in their lunchbox.

6) Print this out : You are a Blessing in my life.  Put it somewhere where they can see it.

7) Ask them “What can I help you with?”

8) Show them support on a dream or goal they would like to follow.

9) Learn their favorite color and create a photo collage of things in that color for them to put on their wall.

10) Remember the small things
*Try to remember their favorite drink, how they like their eggs cooked, what their favorite outfit is, what their favorite place to eat is, or what do they like to do to relax. It’s these little things that often matter the most. It shows we are paying attention.