We are the Believers and we Believe…

We are the believers. We are the fun-makers, and bringers of messiness in a world that longs to remain neat and clean.

We are the creators, the artists, the ones who know that creativity is vital to our very soul and without it, we could not breathe.

We are the ones who do not stand in the same footsteps but create footsteps of our own. We are path makers, storytellers, and travelers through life. We may never leave our own neighborhood but with our creative minds we have walked the whole universe and back again.

We believe because not believe would make the world dull, colorless, and mundane. We want variety, color, and energy.

We believe even when our creative struggles are at their worst, they are more fun than not being creative at all.

We know. We know to the very core of our creative selves that creativity is necessary for our life and spirit to be sane.

We are the Creatives. We will never stop believing.