Ten Minute Tuesday: Dollar Store Craft

March is National Craft month. YAY! I have all kinds of goodies planned for you over the next month. However, since this is Ten Minute Tuesday, and I live on a tight budget, I thought I would show you a quick and simple Dollar store craft. The steps are simple. I did start out trying to use  a hot glue glue gun but the glue dried too fast and my glue gun was not working well. So, I do what all great crafters do in a pinch, I went to plan B…E6000 glue. I use it for the pendants that I usually make. It holds almost anything in place. So here you go the Ten minute Dollar Store Craft project.

Overall, I had fun with this simple Ten Minute Dollar Craft. Now, I have two cool trays out of the deal. I cannot wait to use the large at the next big family party. What would I do differently? I would be prepared  for the hot glue Not to work well. And I would remember to put the glue on the sides of the bowl instead of on the bottom. That being said, I accomplished this all in ten minutes. Isn’t it amazing what one can do with just ten minutes? Happy Crafting this month. There is more to come.

Love ME 🙂