Take Your “Artist Date” In A New Direction

Have you been looking for some other ways to play with your creativity?
Julia Cameron, in her book The Artists Way, talks about taking herself on “Artist dates.” The artist date is a weekly date that you make with yourself to experience something creative outside of your normal creative work. Many people take time out to write, journal, visit museums or galleries. Some may take time to paint or draw on their own time. Maybe they might play an instrument in the privacy of their own home. Let’s change it up a bit! Let’s get out and invest some time with creative activities that might involve other creative people. Spend some time getting our creative souls deep into play in our community. Here are FIVE cool ways to get your creative date on in a more social forum. It also gives you a chance to try something new, or something just for the fun of it. Dare to try something out of your ordinary creative expression.

  1. Go to a “paint your own pottery” shop. We have one in town called “Color me Mine.” I love it. So far I have painted two bowls and a mug. I have taken a friends and done with my old girl scout troop. You’ll learn some techniques of painting on pottery but al creating overlays, and other design work. And you have a lot of fun. NOW, I am not proclaiming this is cheap. There is usually about a $10 studio fee PLUS the cost of the item you pick to paint. So the usually trip averages about $35. But this especially fun to do with girlfriends and just hang out.
  2. In town we have a place called Pinot’s Pallet. They offer wine while you paint a picture they show you haw to paint. Yes, almost everyone ends up with the same painting but you’ll have learned and picked up some techniques along the way. It is also a great way to get to know new people or hangout with friends or other couples. I, personally, have not tried it yet, but have a friend that goes almost every month and she is filling her house  with paintings she loves. P.S. The Wine is optional. You don’t have to drink.
  3. Look into a class at the local arts and crafts stores. In my town we have Michaels and Joann’s and they both offer classes, from sewing to cake decorating and beading. Other places to look is Learning Exchange or the local Parks and Recreation.
  4. Look for local Art walks or in Sacramento we have a Second Saturday, where the galleries are open, and outside artist vendors have a chance to show and sell their artistic products. It runs from April to October. Many cities and towns have something similar. Google is great for finding this kind of information.
  5. You could step into a different zone and look at local music stores or places that offer music lessons. This will be more costly and sometimes, you can just enroll at the local community college as well. Is there an instrument you have wanted to learn or maybe just gain a better appreciation for music through a basic piano class? Music taps into many different parts of our brain that help us with thinking: mathematics, science, linguistics. There is something magical in understanding music.