Ten Minute Tuesday: DIY Canvas Signs

I just love the canvas signs I see for sale in JoAnn’s and Michaels, or even at Ross or other home decorating places. I think they are cute. But why am I going to pay to have someone else’s sign when this creative person can do it herself. Now, here is the disclaimer. It’s been a while since I played with canvas and acrylic paint. That being said when I saw packs of 8×10 canvas on sale at JoAnn’s ( my fave store for crafty things) and a useable coupon, I picked the pack of ten canvases up.  I already had a big plastic tub of paint that had been given to me. Though old, and worn, I had paintbrushes as well. I was ready to go.

My first attempt at making a canvas sign didn’t even make the pictures. I had tried a technique I had use on some fabric (similar to batik) and let’s leave it at the canvas was ruined and into the trash it went. Such as it goes. Each canvas sign took about 10 minutes to create. The ones with layered colors were done in five minute breaks so that I could wait for the color to dry before applying the next. The longest project was the I am grateful one, as the original technique didn’t work the way I wanted and so as creative people often do, I chose a different direction and what you see is the end result. The point of of all this is to encourage to get some canvas and some paint and PLAY. Make your own signs to put up in your house. Use whatever inspires you.

My recommendation is to look for where there is canvas on sale, like JoAnn’s or Michaels Craft stores. They also sell small acrylic paint sets for getting started with about 12 colors. If you know what colors you want, you can also purchase individual tubes. This might have more options in that there are metallics to also choose from if you choose individual tubes of paint. An inexpensive pack of brushes, also available at the crafts or even Wal-Mart or Target. You really aren’t looking to spend a lot on a first project. Maybe you already have supplies hanging around and you have a more practiced hand. Some advice I got after starting this was to trace out the letters or design for the canvas sign first. Another tip for doing the words is that they also make acrylic paint pens that you can use. Hope these tips help. I would love to see some of your canvas signs.
Here are my results below.