National Craft Month Crafty Round- up!

March is National Craft Month. A favorite Month of mine as it gives me an excuse to try out all kinds of crafty projects. I have more projects coming over the next week and a half just for you. However today, I thought I would round-up some of my favorite crafts that I have done over the last year. Plus a few cool bonus ones.

This first one is about painting and seashells. I love making stuff with seashells or painting them. I have collected them my whole life. In this project, I made a flower from a piece of driftwood, beach rock and seashell. It was a simple craft, one that could be done with children about six and older. It was also just plain fun to do.

Put the lid on and shake well. Ta-da! Mood Jar complete.

This next one was a fun Ten Minute Tuesday Craft that I did while drinking my morning coffee and under the jealous eyes of my nineteen year old who wanted to make one too. It is the Mood Jar. This simple craft was made with just a few ingredients: Elmers glitter gel glue, hot water, and glitter. They are great for calming down an anxious child  or even adult ( I discovered), or an alternative to using a timer for a time out. It gives the child to something to focus on while gaining back control. Also…they are just pretty.

Another favorite was the Glue Batiking that I did. It took a couple of tries to get it right but when I did, I loved it. It is still hanging on my wall. It is one of the projects I am really proud of. In fact, I plan to head to the craft store at the beginning of next month to get a slightly bigger piece of fabric and try a more elaborate design. I really enjoyed the process. This would be fun to do with school age kids, six or older as well. You could even hand draw the design first with a fabric pencil that washes out then trace with the glue. This one does take some time though. You have to allow for the glue to dry and then for the paint to dry.

My Magnet tutorial is a nostalgic one, as with the arthritis in my hands makes it so difficult to do this project anymore. I really loved making the magnets and pendants, as they use very similar techniques. However, it isn’t hard to get the supplies and make  them. The glass I order from Sun and Moon Craft Kits online. Though sometimes you can find them at the craft stores, the consistency of quality isn’t nearly as good. I love this web site. It has all kinds of tips and tricks and videos. You can make earrings, keychains and necklaces.

Finally, I am in love with making magic wands. I have done a few different kinds, from Harry Potter style for a birthday party to the kind shown here, that are more like talismans. You need just a few supplies: drift wood is what I use but you can use dowels as well, ribbons, crystals or stones, and something to write an intention on or you could simply write on the wood. I have two different wands that sit on my desk. This would also be fun to do with kids; younger than five would need a lot of extra help though.

Bonus project: See all the stars hanging from the ceiling. My friend Rebecca and I spend nearly a week cutting out stars from cardboard boxes and then painting them. The whole purpose was the build an full room blanket fort and then hang the stars and moons from the ceiling too. We held an art blanket fort party and it was a blast. As far as I am concerned a good blanket fort needs stars.  We used templates we found online, traced them onto flattened out cardboard boxes. Then painted and glittered the heck out of them.

And I loved them so much, I couldn’t get ride of them. I keep them hanging in the corner of my little office space at home.

So there you have it, some of my favorite crafts from the last year. Like I said in the beginning, there are more crafts to come for this month. What are you doing for National Craft Month?