How to: Pressed Flower Petal Butterflies

I often get inspired by projects I see on Pinterest. About two weeks ago, I saw a DIY post of pressed leaves in clear glass picture frames. I thought it looked like fun. I had picked up some frames from the dollar store, my go-to when the budget is tight, and thought I might just use some clovers for St. Patricks Day. Well, St. Patricks Day came and went, and I didn’t get a chance to do it, and besides the clovers were too small. However, a couple of days ago, I discovered a couple of roses on the bushes in my side yard and I knew I could so something with them.

Roses in their full form are difficult to press and preserve. However, rose petals could be pretty awesome to work with as well. So, I popped the petals off and pressed them between the two pieces of glass and laid a very heavy text book on top. I left them that way for twenty-four hours. This morning, I woke to beautifully pressed flower petals. Now at first I thought I was going to make a mandala shape from the two colors but another idea had been playing in my mind overnight: Why not turn them into Butterflies? The petals remind me of butterfly wings. The idea of drawing on the glass with permanent marker came from a picture frame I saw at Joann’s where you color in the picture.
I took the petals from between the glass and cleaned both pieces of glass. Then, carefully, I drew on Butterfly bodies, one at a time, placing the “wings” as I went. I didn’t want any overlapping. There you have it. A fun and simple pressed flower petal craft DIY. This is something that even children could do with adult supervision. Oh! How I did the glass. I dissected two picture frames, taking out all the paper and filler stuff. Once the butterflies were done, I pressed the second piece of glass over it, lining it up carefully with the other one. Then, very carefully put the two pieces of glass into one frame. I had to make sure the brackets that hold the glass in were all the way open, and slowly maneuvering them into the frame until they lay flat. Then just pressed the bracket firmly against the glass. Done! ┬áCheck out some of the pictures below to see the process.