Let me Introduce you: My Etsy shop

Pop on over to my Etsy shop, Susan Soul Designs and see what is in store for you there. I have new cards and an affirmation card deck made just for you. Check out some of the links below.
Living Your Creative Soul Affirmation Cards

Love Often Cards 5 pack

Joy Beach Cards 5 pack 

These are just a few items in my shop. I love making my cards. They bring me incredible amounts of happiness and joy to create each one. I love taking the pictures and finding just the right sayings to match each one. It is a process that I work hard at. Each saying requires a long look through all my photographs to find just the perfect one. Sometimes the picture and the saying come to me at the same time. Others, I tell stories. You can see some of them on the Safe Space page. These ares stories that I have accumulated through personal experience or from the stories I heard working at my previous job, or my from friends. I take the essence of the story and not the story itself and transform it into something new with the pictures being an integral part of the storytelling. Prints of the mini stories on the Safe Space page are also available as prints upon written request.

I am  not out to make a six figure income with my Etsy shop, I simply want to find homes for my cards where their messages will be lovingly sent out into the universe. So I am inviting you to wander through my Etsy shop and see if there is something that speaks to you. I am always adding new ideas, new cards and other goodies to my store. And I do it all out of the love of creating.
Let me give you a brief story as to how I started making the cards. This brief story comes from the Etsy contest I am in to win some business support from Etsy. If you feel so inclined click the link and give your vote.
Here it is:

My story starts because I had nearly 10,000 photos saved on my computer from years of taking pictures and I wanted to do something unique with them. I wanted to inspire others. I am a writer as well. I write poetry and stoires, as well as maintaining a blog. I decided to combine my gift with words with my photgraphs to create a unique card for the consumer. The poems, saying, or mini stories on the cards are inspired by the people around me, as well as my own expereinces. I find inspiration everywhere from a simple flower blwoing in the breeze to a friends story of recovery. I believe that my messages provide uplifting and supportive sentiments that bring joy and light into the world. I have been encouraged by amny friends and family to keep making my cards and affirmations to continue bringing “my light” as they say into the world. I LOVE creating and making my cards and the devastation I felt as my hands began to have more pain was disheartning. However, I have good people around me and one friend volunteered to cut out designs while I recovered from one hand surgery, and now I await more surgery on both hands. That will have to wait until blood clots, my newest health concern resolve themselves. In all the turmoil of my health, my work keeps me going. I can be found daily at the computer creating new designs. I delight in watching a persons face light up when they read my cards. That is the joy of my life. I new my writing and love for photography would lead me somewhere, and this is where the passions have taken me. I couldn’t be happeir with my work. All my cards are original photos and sentiments. The are printed and then handcut and glued to the card stock. All work is hand done despite struggling with arthritis and carpal tunnel.