Ten Minute Tuesday: Creativity is Your Birthright!

Creativity is your birthright!

You were born to be creative. There is no doubt about that. Just look at your body and the way that it heals itself each time…each time it has to mend something new or different or fight a new cold, it gets creative to heal you. Your mind is just as creative. It always has been and always will be. Brene’ Brown says, in Daring Greatly that “85% of people experience so much shame over a childhood experience in school, that it changes who they are as learners.” She goes on the disclose that then 50% of that group were given what she calls “creativity scars.” School is supposed to be a safe place to learn and experience creativity. That is an outrageous number of people who were never allowed to be fully who they could have been, especially creatively for a right that is given to us freely from the moment we are born. Imagine what could happen in this country if those numbers were brought down even just ten percent each. I would imagine that there would be so much more creative thinking arising from the communities that issues like water and energy would be closer to being solved because people were allowed to play with their creativity instead of it being shamed and stifled away so that someone could fit them into a box.
Creativity is your birthright. TAKE IT BACK! That’s right. It is yours. Pull it out of the darkness and claim it once again. The person that took it from you all those years ago had no rights to your creative soul. Maybe their own creative soul had been injured so they felt that they must strip it away from someone else but it is no longer your problem why they did what they did. You are all grown-up now, so CLAIM YOUR CREATIVITY! Own it. Wallow around in it. If you have forgotten how, start by playing again. DO you need ideas on how to play? Start HERE! Do you need more reasons to play? Start HERE! DO you need permission to take your creativity back? Click HERE or HERE! I want you to have it. The universe wants you to have it. That is why you were born with it.

If you need help with calling out your creativity, listen to Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk on The Elusive Creative Genius. Then go Here and get to know YOUR OWN creative genius. Come to an understanding with the creative genius within you that will come to you when you allow it time and space. To claim back your creativity, you simply have to give yourself time to sit with it. Time to play with your creative soul. It probably has shown up off and on through out your lifetime and you have not been present to receive it. Now is the moment to be present for your creative soul. Now is the moment to listen to what it needs to be creative.

Often, we think of creativity as only being A-R-T but creative thinking is so much bigger than that. In the book, Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer, he discusses how the Swiffer mop was invented. Researchers watch thousand of hours of how people cleaned their houses. But it was in watching a video of woman cleaning up coffee grounds with paper towels that sparked an idea. That idea expanded and became the Swiffer mop. It wasn’t an instantaneous, overnight success. It took trial and error but that is creative thinking in progress. It is seeing one thing and creating something new. Even in art, there isn’t just one love song or one break up song, there are hundreds because what speaks to you may not speak to me and vice versa. This is the core of creative thinking. Making something new out of an old idea or changing an old idea into something different or new.

I love to watch Brene’ Brown being interviewed by Chase Jarvis, who is a YouTube genius with his show. Yes, I like her tedTalks and her Oprah talks but there is just something about how comfortable she gets when she is being interviewed by Chase Jarvis that makes her relatable in many more ways for me. It could be the “You Bless my Heart, I’ll kick Your Ass,” comments that make me laugh but what really struck me in one of her interviews was what she said about living in a “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” world. She said, “I am tired of living in a ‘Don’t ask, Don’t tell’ world. I want to live in a Show up and Be seen World.” I LOVE THAT. We spend so much time hiding and not being real. Our creativity gives an opportunity to show up in the world in a way that nothing else can. Show Up. Be Seen. Even if its just in your circle of trusted friends, those that have earned the right to see your creative soul. That is okay. I just want you to have it back.

As you take back your creativity, it may feel strange at first but for your ten minute Tuesday today, play. Click the links. Explore. There are ideas Here and Here.  Answer the Call.  Or you can check out Jamie Ridler Studios, or Andrea Schroeder at the Creative Dream Incubator, Or SARK, whose book, A Creative Companion was my first real introduction to creativity exploration. It was given to me from a friend when I was twenty-one years old. My dear friend passed away way too young just a few years later but the gift has had a lasting impact on my life. A couple people more to explore are: Leonie Dawson, artist and CEO of a huge woman centered creative empire; Jani Franck, who owns The Art House in Britain but is an artist and blogger; Read and watch Sir Ken Robinson who writes and talks about creativity and is actively trying to change our schools. Read the book Imagine by Jonah Lehrer; Read Brene’ Brown, Daring Greatly and Rising Strong ( I can’t decide which one I like more), Read Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic and watch her interviews and TedTalks.

It is funny to me as I write this for you that I have always wanted to produce a conference on creativity and have all my favorite creative people show up and speak, and have panel discussions about creativity and I realize as I have written, I have given you just that, a conference of my favorite creative inspirers. Some day, it will happen and maybe then, I will have my own talk to give but for now, I leave you this. TAKE back your creativity.

It might be messy at first. Remember creativity has no right or wrong. Just lessons on how to do it different next time. You will make mistakes. BIG ones. Little ones. They are all okay. You learn and grow and move on. But claim your right to your creativity. It is an integral part of your soul. In the words of one of my favorite artists, Mumford and Sons, from Roll Away Your Stone, “With my stake stuck in this ground, Marking the territory of this newly impassioned soul,” and “You have neither reason nor rhyme, With which to take this soul that is so rightfully mine.”
Your Creative Soul is your Birthright.

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  1. Great post! Creativity is the basis for those whom are successful. Continue to focus of your dream on having a Creativity conference. I think it will be successful.

    • susrene@gmail.com says:

      You are right. The most successful people are the creative ones. Thanks for the encouragement about the conference. One day I will have it!

  2. bodyworkspt says:

    Love this so much! What an amazing post! Love the quote at the end too! Thank you!

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