Eight TEDTalks to Inspire Your Creativity

One of my favorite things to do lately is watch TEDTalks. I find them fascinating, informative and fun. In the last two weeks, I have watched 25 talks. There isn’t one yet that I haven’t taken something from. So today, I am bringing to you some of my favorite talks on creativity or that inspire creative mind.

I have spoken a few times on Elizabeth Gilberts’ idea of the “Elusive Creative Genius”. The talk below is the what inspired me to write posts regarding the creative genius. It is one of my favorite of all time.

One of my other favorite ones is Brene’ Brown’s talk on vulnerability. There can be no creative expression without being vulnerable and that is why I consider this one so important.

Julie Burstein brings creativity to like in her analogy of raku and delves into the idea that creativity is built up of everyday moments.

Amanda Palmer talks about connection and I found one of the most interesting people to have watched. A musician and blogger, in her talk she brings to light the importance of asking for what we need.

Stuart Brown talks about the importance of play in our adult lives. I have discussed this on my blog as well. PLay is essential to creativity.

David Kelley offers an opportunity to build creative confidence. Using examples of his own creative life, he teaches us how to access our confidence.

Ken Robinson is a hero of mine. I have read two of his books on creativity and I love his belief that we grow out of creativity as we go through school when we should be growing into it instead. He is highly recommended on my list to watch and to read.

I just watched Adam Grant last night. I had heard of his book before I knew he had a TEDtalk. I haven’t read the book yet but his talk about the “originals” as he calls them was fascinating. Definitely worth watching.

There you have it. Some of the best TEDtalks about creativity and how we use it. I hope you find these talks as inspiring as I did. Have a lovely day.