Ten Minute Tuesday: The Art Project

My creative premise has been and continues to be that you can use your creativity in ten minutes a day and still accomplish works of art or pieces of writing. I want to take you down the road of an art project done in ten-minute increments over the course of a couple of days. This is my first attempt at such a large art piece and also at drawing people for such a project. I am trying to expand my creative endeavors and though I love to paint, I usually do more still life type painting or fun backgrounds for photographs. This will be broken into a few Tuesday posts to get a realistic breakdown of ten minutes of creative art.

In the first ten minutes, I sketched out a rough picture of what I wanted. This is as close as I got to what I saw in my head.




The next ten minutes was starting the background.


This ten minutes was finishing up the background to some mettallic textures over the purple.



The last ten minutes of this day was trimming and using Mod Podge to adhere the candle and the watercolor fabric.


This was the first day broken down into about an hours worth of work. I had to stop at this point to wait for everything to dry before moving on. So, I began again the next day. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the project evolve over ten minute increments. I am always surprised by how much one can accomplish on any give project in the ten minute time frame. Check in next week when I show you how I finished the  art project in ten minute pieces. Come check in next week to see how I finish.