What I Gained from a 21- Day Mindset Practice

For almost the last month, I have been engaging in a  21- day (mindset) Expansion Experiment set up my Lamisha Serf-Walls. It has been an interesting practice of writing out the big dreams and desires that I want to have happened with me personally and with my business. Here is what I have learned from attending daily to the practice of writing out my big goals and dreams.

  1. I began to be very clear on exactly what I wanted. I wrote specifics all the way down to walking on the beach.  This clarity allowed me to really know what I wanted and what I don’t want. For example, it is my hope to get a vehicle real soon. I want a mini van. With this practice, I actively focused on what I wanted in a mini van and what I expected. Now, I know exactly what I want when the opportunity arises. Without this practice, I would have continued daydreaming without having done any clarifying research.
  2. I feel more certainty. Not because I know how or when things will happen, though I do the leg work, I let the universe do the planning. I feel certain that the things I want to happen will happen. It gave me faith where I may not have had any.
  3. I understand what I want for my business and know what growth means to me. Growth, I realized means something different to each person. I realized I wasn’t just looking for financial growth but looking for positive connections with other like-minded people that could help my business to grow through conversation.
  4. I had some personal event happening in my life and I was really nervous about one of them. By writing daily about the outcome I desired, the nervousness faded. By having faith in the desired outcome, I also realized that even if the desired outcome didn’t happen, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. I was able to let go of the control I felt I needed.
  5. Overall more positive outlook on some of the things that I want out of my life. I feel better about wanting more financial security. I feel better about desiring growth and change. It feels more comfortable to me. When I started, I wanted these things but I was hesitant to ask the universe for them. Now, I am making it a practice to boldly ask the universe for the things that I want in my life.

Learning these new ideas doesn’t exclude having bad days or moments that come up that threaten to throw me off course. However, I feel a little more steady on my feet when I do get tossed off course. I can reframe an incident better in my mind to learn and grow from it. I am not perfect and do admit that there are times that this is still very hard to do but I am practicing it and that is what counts. I am delighted to have participated in Lamisha’s 21-day Expansion Experiement. I have gained a lot from it. For more mind set information check out her blog and her Facebook page. She has also created a 21- day Expansion Guidebook to help you along.