Ten Minute Tuesday: The Artist Trading Card

It has been a while since I have posted a ten minute Tuesday. With Fall here and kids back to school, your ten minute Tuesdays will resume once more. Today’s activity was inspired by the artist trading cards I have been seeing on Pinterest a lot lately. Normally done with mixed media techniques that include different textures and sometimes found objects, I created a simpler version in the ten minutes that I had to do it. I used watercolors, permanent markers and stamps and ink pads (which I found in the dollar section of Joann’s).

I am not certain about the whole history of the artist trading card or ATC for short other than they were meant for small, slightly smaller than a deck of playing cards, and the whole point is to design and trade with other artists. I personally, like to make them and leave them in Starbucks or other places for people to find a positive message for the day. ┬áHere is the step by step of today’s Artist card.