How to Host a Friendsgiving Party

It is that time of year where family and friend get-togethers abound. Thanksgiving is generally a holiday where families gather together and Friendsgiving is a new trend of friends coming together over a holiday style meal. How do you do it? Gather together your close friends, your good friends, your fun friends….whatever types of friends you have in your life over a Thanksgiving-inspired dinner. Need some inspiration? ProFlowers has the guide for you on how to put together a full Friendsgiving party, including everything from the invitations to decor to food. They have it all in their guides.

I was even inspired to host my own Friendsgiving with a couple of girlfriends over the weekend. Using the guide as inspiration, we put it together in just four days. ProFlowers really thought of everything you could need.  Below you will find the part guide and the food guide from ProFlowers. Below that, I have included photos from my own Friendsgiving. Host a Friendsgiving Party and have a lot of fun.

This graphic is courtesy of 
friendsgiving ideas

This graphic is courtesy of friendsgiving ideas

Here are my pictures inspired by ProFlowers.