How to Write Short and Sincere Holiday Cards

This time of year when people are sending out greeting cards and letters to loved ones and friends it sometimes can be difficult to know how to write a sincere greeting in a quick note or greeting card. Since your notes do not have to be complicated or filled with big fifty dollar words, they simply have to be something that comes from your heart. An idea as simple as “I’m thinking of you and yours during this holiday season” can be honest and uncomplicated.

However, if you feel you want to add more detail to a greeting card or letter then perhaps you could choose to say something such as “Your family is in my thoughts during this holiday season. Please let (children’s names) know that I’m thinking of them and I send them hugs. I miss conversations with you and your (spouse) and look forward to the next time we can get together”. It adds the little personal details that can let a person know you are thinking specifically about them.  What matters most is that the message you send comes from how you really feel. There is no need to be convoluted or dismissive. It can be easy to write, “Thinking of you”, in a holiday card to one of your closest friends and then they feel slighted or dismissed because the message was insincere or not personal enough.

The best way to do write a message is to find a balance between sincere and simple. If you are responding to received holiday newsletter from family or friends,  then you could simply write: “Thank you for sharing what is going on with your family. I enjoy keeping in touch. My family is doing well, and we are thinking of all of you during this holiday season.” Not everyone wants to reply with a newsletter of their own, and that is okay. You could even add a mention of a phone call after the busyness of the holidays are over, if you prefer talking on the phone. Holiday notes do not need to be complicated or worrisome. Someone out there will be delighted that you thought to send them a note. He



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