Brainstorming My Word of the Year

Have you found your word for 2018? Finding your word is to determine the purpose supporting your choices for the year, Your word is a guide through rough waters and dark times when you feel lost. It is the hope in the darkness because it points the way out. A word can change from year to year as we change from year to year. I feel determining your word is more important than determining new years resolutions because it can help choose the course of actions you wish to follow for the year. For example, if your word of the year is to Center. Then, the path you follow, the choices you make when you have doubts would focus on what you need to stay centered. How do you find your word? How do you decide what your word will be for the next twelve months?

Just like many things that you need to choose, you brainstorm. What is it that you want to feel this year? What things do you hope to accomplish? Where do you want to focus your energy?


My word of for the year is Refresh. I came to this focus word because many things in my life need a restart, jumpstart, or a fresh start.

For example, my health after the last year of blood clots, hand surgery, and other issues needs to new look at the world, especially my weight. I am about to make some MAJOR decisions regarding my weight (which I will blog about at a later time) and the choices that I am making will definitely guarantee a new beginning for my body.

As a result of both my physical and mental health taking their toll on me this last year, my blog and Etsy shop have suffered; and though I have done ok-ish, I know both can be better. In fact, I have some new ideas for both. As I have changed and grown, so will my blog. My main focus will still be creativity but I will be interjecting some personal journey stories and some lifestyle posts that affect or contribute to my creative self. I’ll also be bringing in creative coaching, something I LOVE to do. My Etsy shop is getting a reboot with new products already on the design board and soon to be posted.

One thing I really want to change my focus on is with my kids, even though one of them is twenty now. I want to focus on experiences of doing things together rather than “stuff”. I still am not quite sure how that will look as since I don’t have a car of my own to take them places. (Something else I am trying to work on). But I know there are things I can do with them locally at least that cost minimal amounts of money, or even just hanging out at home watching videos…the point is to be together more often. This may be cooking together as we learn new recipes that are healthier or taking walks together through the neighborhood.

That is the journey to finding my word of the year. I will be Refreshing my life. How about you? What will your focus word be this year?


2 thoughts on “Brainstorming My Word of the Year

  1. Still brainstorming on this, but I think my word will be progress or perhaps focus. Last year it was learn and now I’m looking to move forward utilizing the skills I’ve developed and continuing to apply in life. Good luck to you with your new beginning and fresh start!

    • says:

      Progress and Focus are both great words. I love how you are building on what you “learned” the year before. That is what makes this such a great practice. Good Luck!!

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