Tips for Writing a Beautiful Love Letter

When was the last time you sent a love letter to someone special?

Love letters are wonderful gifts to receive for they can express on paper some of the things that we often find difficult to say out loud. Handwritten letters have a personal quality that doesn’t come from long stem roses or a box of chocolates. Words have to ability to show love, care, appreciation, and sensual desire. They express our inner most thoughts about a person in a string of words across a page that can touch a persons heart and soul, and even take their breath away. Do you need a little help to get started on writing an amazing love letter? Valentines day is tomorrow but love letters can be given at any time. Below you will find lovely examples of love letters from well known people to their significant other with tips for writing yours below each example. I especially love the older, poetic ones. Remember to write in your style, with your words. That is the most beautiful part of the gift of a love letter. Thank you to for providing the great tips below. You can check out the original post here. 




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