img_0110My name is Susan and I am a writer, photographer, card maker, and crafter. I love working with people wanting to explore, expand, and get to know their creative selves better. I love starting someone out on the journey from “I am not creative” and watching their creative self grow. I love reaching out to those creatives that are stuck or feel lost in their every day and don’t know when or where or how to be creative. As a woman with three kids and had an almost full time job, I know this is hard. I have had my struggles with time, family commitments, girl scouts and all the stuff that clutters up our life but creativity is resilient. It stays with us through our turmoil until we can figure what works each of us. Our creative spirit is a living, breathing part of our self, and I want to help you nurture and care for it. Our creative selves can be our best friend, a resourceful tool when we need it, and a wonderful form of expression. Creativity is your magic wand. And I believe we all have magic.
The Creating Room is a project that began for me nearly a dozen years ago while at college. I attended a fabulous program through Vermont College where I spent a good amount of time studying writing, creativity, and the psychology behind creativity. I read fairy tales and myths, and wrote, and learned about what education could be. While studying creativity, I wanted to put out into the world all I was learning. So, I bought a domain, The Creating Room. It lasted about six months. I had a forum, a shared works page, and a blog. It all flopped. I didn’t know yet how to make it grow. However, I never let it go. I knew I needed to make it work.
February 2013. On a trip to Pismo Beach with my sister, I had a surge of creative thought. So, I created a Facebook page for The Creating Room. A few sporadic postings followed. Then I made the leap and decided to try a blog. After a few minutes on WordPress, The Creating Room was alive once more. I posted a few posts here and there. My working world came crashing down in October 2013, when the company I worked for laid off our whole department off because of budget cuts. That was when I knew that my heart belonged in my blog and the work I wanted to do. So here I am, writing for you.
The Creating Room is your play room to be inspired, take on creative self -challenges, and belong to a community of creative talent. Creativity is more than art and writing, music performance. It is math, science, intuitive expression, cooking, crafting… it is possibility itself. The magic key is discovering where your creative self lives. I can be the voice in your head that whispers to you that you can do this. The voice that says “it’s ok, let’s try that again.” I want to give you some great tips on how to be creative in just ten minutes a day. Here is your permission to be creative for only ten minutes. You can do that. Or maybe you will take that challenge of following your dangerous daydream. Let me help you dream. Let The Creating Room give you permission to come out and play.

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Some Facts About Me!
*Putting on my nerd hat: I LOVE Harry Potter. The books. The movies. I have been to a live Quidditch Game at UOP in Stockton. Harry Potter movies are some of my favorite go-to movies when I am in a funk. My kids know if I am in a bad mood, they can offer to put on a Potter movie for me.
*More Nerdiness: Lord of the Rings, Once upon a Time, Game of Thrones…. oh yeah, and I have read all the Game of Thrones books, read old(original fairy tales) for fun, and think Viggo Mortenson (The KING) is awesome. (He’s a writer, photographer, and musician).
*I write poetry, fiction, children’s stories, and love creating inspirational messages to go with my photos.
*Serious Gordon Ramsey Addiction. I NEED to eat in Hell’s Kitchen. Well, at least watch it live.
*I have three kids; 16, 11, and 5 and all born in November. (No, that was not planned). All have very different personalities and they all make me laugh.
*Books and Office supplies. If you want to find a way to my heart, bring me books, pens, notebook paper, highlighters… Let’s just say my sister gave me a Staples gift card for Christmas.
*I worked with kids in varying positions for over 20 years. The last 10 years was in a drug and alcohol recovery program of women, where I worked with some of the most amazing women, co-workers and clients. I learned so much there and am so blessed for having known every one of the women that came through our doors.
*I LOVE the beach. Pismo is my current fave. However, I often will go out the Pt. Reyes National Seashore and hang out on Drakes Beach. I have recently fallen in love with the Lost Coast.
*I am a Taurus, through and through. I only say this because recently it has been mentioned to me by a few people I have only just met. They “knew” I was a Taurus.
*Finally, my Dangerous DayDream is that I want to go to Ireland. It is a dream that I am working on. I am working on it in this blog (and may mention it) and in my crafts, and in my life. There will be a day, soon, that I will be on a plane to Ireland. It is a big part of the “why” of I write, create, and make a career from the things I love to do.

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Disclaimer: All pictures and poetry posted here belong to me. The photos posted have been taken by me and the poetry has been written by me. If I decide to use other’s work, I will list the proper credit. Also, do not use my photo’s or poems without permission. Thank you.