Ten MinuteSelf- Care Ritualsfor Your Well-Being

Ten Minute Self- Care Rituals

The phrase self- care is abuzz everywhere. Therapists are recommending it to clients, as are coaches and spiritual teachers, even in some places of business, the phrase is being used to make sure employees are taking care of themselves. What does self- care mean? The act of self- care is to attend to ones own Read More


Tips for Writing a Beautiful Love Letter

When was the last time you sent a love letter to someone special? Love letters are wonderful gifts to receive for they can express on paper some of the things that we often find difficult to say out loud. Handwritten letters have a personal quality that doesn’t come from long stem roses or a box Read More

valentines day puns

So Punny! Cute Valentines Day Wishes.

Valentines snuck up on us as shelves that were once filled with Christmas stuff were slowly replaced by the pinks, reds, and purples of Valentines Day goodies, gifts, and treats. Cute cards with adorable sayings fill shelves and kids sized boxes of Valentines. There are is a way to say “I love you” for nearly Read More

Having the Courage to Slow Down

Having the Courage to Slow Down

It is easy to get caught up in the busyness of life, rushing from one appointment to the next, eating out of our cars, barely stopping to take a breath. Some days we can come to the end of the day and wonder where it all went because we were so busy rushing. We rush Read More

Refresh word of the year

Brainstorming My Word of the Year

Have you found your word for 2018? Finding your word is to determine the purpose supporting your choices for the year, Your word is a guide through rough waters and dark times when you feel lost. It is the hope in the darkness because it points the way out. A word can change from year Read More

How to Make Chirstmas Bows

How to Make Christmas Bows

I just love the wonderful tutorials that come show up over the holiday season. There is everything from how to make your own flavored simple syrups to use as gifts to mason jar madness (with all kinds of good ideas) to the wonderful Bow for adorning your gifts. Bows are like the sprinkles on a Read More

holiday cards

How to Write Short and Sincere Holiday Cards

This time of year when people are sending out greeting cards and letters to loved ones and friends it sometimes can be difficult to know how to write a sincere greeting in a quick note or greeting card. Since your notes do not have to be complicated or filled with big fifty dollar words, they Read More

What I Know

What I know to be True

I have made no secret of how much I love a good TEDTalk. I find them educational and inspiring. The most recent inspirational talk I have heard was from this year, 2017 TED Conference. It was by Anne Lamott, well known in writing circles for her book Bird by Bird. In this particular talk, Ms. Read More

Eight TEDtalks

Eight TEDTalks to Inspire Your Creativity

One of my favorite things to do lately is watch TEDTalks. I find them fascinating, informative and fun. In the last two weeks, I have watched 25 talks. There isn’t one yet that I haven’t taken something from. So today, I am bringing to you some of my favorite talks on creativity or that inspire Read More

a callto failure

A Call to Face Failure

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” — Joseph Chilton Pearce If we are living a creative life, we will fail. We will make mistakes, a lot of them. We will stumble around not sure if it is right or wrong or feeling uncertain of our direction. But that’s Read More