DIY_ Photo Transfer to Wood

DIY: Photo Transfers to Wood

Photo transfers  to wood: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this project. I have done it a few times now. I thoroughly enjoy the results of the rustic look of the picture on wood. I am keeping the post simple. Several pictures with instructions under each one. Now you can follow this easy step by step tutorial Read More

Photo Wednesday

Photo Wednesday: Seeking out Renoir

Pierre-Auguste Renoir [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Something a little different for your Wednesday. A photo of one of my favorite pieces of art. A painting by Renoir in 1876. I used to have this on my wall growing up. I was always drawn to her. I wished that I could disappear into her world Read More


Photo Wednesday: It’s the Small Things

It’s the small things that catch our eye, bring us joy and wonder. Yes, Grand things are spectacular and awe-inspiring. However, I see the small things as those that touch my heart. Collections of pieces of friends and loved ones who have given me something that symbolizes our relationship in some way. Other small things, Read More

going anywhere

Photo Wednesday: Going Anywhere?

“She took the midnight train going anywhere.” Journey, Don’t Stop Believin’ I love railroad tracks especially old ones, overrun with grass, weeds, and wildflowers. They used to go somewhere. At some point people would board the train and take off on an adventure somewhere. Train tracks carry mystery and intrigue for me. They leave me Read More

Where the Light

Photo Wednesday: See Where the Light Gets in”

Where does the light get in? Where does it break through the gray and fog of your soul and shine through? There are times when it seems as though there is always the cold, dark , gray and fog around us. It can settle down into our bones until we are chilled to our cores. Read More

photo wednesday winter

Photo Wednesday: Winter is Coming

Winter is coming, arriving in spurts in the valley.  In the Sacramento area, winter basically has three types of days: foggy and gray with cold, wake up to everything frosted, no clouds, and FREEZING, and rain. There is no snow here and the worst of the foggy days rolls in about January. In fact, January is Read More


Photo Wednesday: Peace and Comfort

How do you find peace and comfort when you need it? What brings you ease from stress and the daily grind of the world? I find peace and comfort in simple things.


Photo Wednesday #This Body

  So PhotoWednesday is going in a different direction today. Let me share about my body story. I am sharing with you a video that I made for a Lane Bryant’s contest #thisbody. I feel it is important to share here because in this society we do a lot of body shaming, judging, and often Read More


Photo Wednesday: Fall

I know Wednesdays are for photos but this is a collage a put together a while back about how much I LOVE fall. It is one my favorite times of year.