DIY_ Photo Transfer to Wood

DIY: Photo Transfers to Wood

Photo transfers  to wood: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this project. I have done it a few times now. I thoroughly enjoy the results of the rustic look of the picture on wood. I am keeping the post simple. Several pictures with instructions under each one. Now you can follow this easy step by step tutorial of transferring awesome photo’s to wood.

Photo Wednesday

Photo Wednesday: Seeking out Renoir

Auguste Renoir - A Girl with a Watering Can - Google Art Project

Pierre-Auguste Renoir [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Something a little different for your Wednesday. A photo of one of my favorite pieces of art. A painting by Renoir in 1876. I used to have this on my wall growing up. I was always drawn to her. I wished that I could disappear into her world and play with her. Maybe she reminded me of the little girl from The Secret Garden. I don’t know. But I LOVED her all through childhood. I kept her well into adulthood and somewhere in all my moving around, I lost her. But I remember making up stories in my head about this girl with blond hair and how she played in the gardens. She was my kindred spirit. I never knew who the painting was by until I became an adult and went looking to find one to replace the lost one. I never have. It didn’t seem like it would feel the same has the one on the wood background, I had had all my life. Though now, as I grow older, I long for her again. I want to hear her stories in my head again; maybe right them down this time. I always wondered what her name was and where she came from and I think the only way to know is to invite her back to my wall and ask her.

Do you have a piece of art that you love? That tells you stories and fills your imagination? If not now, did you at one point have a painting or picture that lived with through out childhood that you long to rediscover? Here is my Wednesday challenge to you: find a piece of art, painting or photograph that tells you their story in some form. Write it down. Or at least converse with it and see what happens. Our wildly creative imaginations need this delightful nutrition to survive on. I implore you to dig deep within and discover that which speaks to you and makes you fall in love with it; maybe it calls to you to bring it home so it my find its place on your wall, even if there is no logic or it doesn’t go with anything. Do it because it speaks to you in the wildest part of your imagination.


Photo Wednesday: It’s the Small Things

It’s the small things that catch our eye, bring us joy and wonder. Yes, Grand things are spectacular and awe-inspiring. However, I see the small things as those that touch my heart. Collections of pieces of friends and loved ones who have given me something that symbolizes our relationship in some way. Other small things, like the simple rose with rain drops or the yellow rose shining in the sun, bring delight, beauty and joy to me. As for the little red berries, there is just something about the red against the bark and green that catches my eye in delight and perspective. I can’t really put my finger on it. And sometimes, with pictures we aren’t meant to put a name to the exact feeling of the image. We simply allow what arises within us to be with us.
The images below are small tokens given or collected over the years from those I love with the exception of a few. The little dragon was a gift from santa in my stocking this year, the little angels were from my old job and kept me company in the little office I used. They all hold a special significance to me. SO…show me. What are the small things that delight you? What small things do you treasure?

going anywhere

Photo Wednesday: Going Anywhere?

“She took the midnight train going anywhere.” Journey, Don’t Stop Believin’

I love railroad tracks especially old ones, overrun with grass, weeds, and wildflowers. They used to go somewhere. At some point people would board the train and take off on an adventure somewhere. Train tracks carry mystery and intrigue for me. They leave me wondering about the people that once may have sat in the seats, where they were going…were their hearts broken? Were they in love? Were they looking for work? Though it’s the past, I don’t have their stories so the possibilities of their adventures are endless.

Tell me the story in picture of going somewhere or going away; Show me where they have come from or where they are headed.

The pictures below were take by me on the marsh in Arcata, CA. I love the way the disappear into the horizon. I imagine farmers on their way to find work. People who came on ships taking the train inland. People coming in from San Francisco or headed to Sacramento.

Where the Light

Photo Wednesday: See Where the Light Gets in”

Where does the light get in? Where does it break through the gray and fog of your soul and shine through? There are times when it seems as though there is always the cold, dark , gray and fog around us. It can settle down into our bones until we are chilled to our cores. Our mood becomes depressed, a nagging sadness or emotional void attempts to drown us…but it cannot last forever. As nothing lasts forever. One of my favorite quotes from the “Lord of the Rings” movie is that of SamWise Gamgee,

“But in the end, it’s only a passing thing… this shadow. Even darkness must pass.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers

Do you see where the light is coming through? It is breaking through the small spaces in between the cracks of fog and gray clouds. It is shimmering and shining is golden hues near the morning horizon. The dark does not last forever, my loves. It is, as many things are, a temporary darkness. One day, my darling, you will look up and through the cracks there will be the beginning of light. Maybe it won’t stay long. Maybe it too is only a moment but still, it is a beautiful moment. When the light comes in, we can pause, savor the golden glow for the time that it lasts. Eventually, it will come a little brighter, and a little longer. As the tides of the ocean, the darkness and light will come in and recede.
My loves, the light gets through in the quiet, unexpected ways and all you need to do is watch for it.

photo wednesday winter

Photo Wednesday: Winter is Coming

Winter is coming, arriving in spurts in the valley.  In the Sacramento area, winter basically has three types of days: foggy and gray with cold, wake up to everything frosted, no clouds, and FREEZING, and rain. There is no snow here and the worst of the foggy days rolls in about January. In fact, January is a good mix of frosty mornings and foggy mornings. This year, we are all hoping for a bit more rain. We really need it. I love the look of frosted grass and leaves, almost like it snowed but not quite. We have seen snow once or twice but it doesn’t stick. But every year my kids ask if it will. 

For Photo Wednesday, which I thought about changing to wordless Wednesday, but didn’t because I like to write, I bring you winter in Sacramento, actually Elk Grove, the smallish town just south of Sacramento. It is a mix of old farmland and new shopping centers and if you ever need hair or nails done, we have plenty of those too. I live on the edge of the suburban area which allows me access to a gorgeous field that allows me to take awesome photos of the sunrise after dropping my son at the bus stop. What does winter look like where you are?

                       Foggy Sunrise over a field
                                                            Frosted Morning
                                                                After the Rain




Photo Wednesday: Peace and Comfort

How do you find peace and comfort when you need it?

What brings you ease from stress and the daily grind of the world?

I find peace and comfort in simple things.




Photo Wednesday #This Body


So PhotoWednesday is going in a different direction today. Let me share about my body story. I am sharing with you a video that I made for a Lane Bryant’s contest #thisbody. I feel it is important to share here because in this society we do a lot of body shaming, judging, and often have an all around negative attitude toward anyone that is plus size. NOT Everyone, but society in general. So here I am being real about my body and what I can and cannot do. It had to be less than one minute so the written poem is cut short. Maybe someday I will do a video of the whole poem. In meantime, no matter what size or shape your body is, I would bet at one time or another you felt not beautiful, not worthy enough, too big or too small, too curvy or too square shaped. The truth is I think each one of us has struggled with body image, and the idea behind #thisbody is acceptance. If I can learn to accept my body, then it is easier to accept other’s bodies without judgement. Though, I am often harder on myself than I am on other people. Maybe you are too. I am not making excuses for my body, it is what it is and I work on keeping it healthy more than determining what shape it is. In fact, I had quite a direct conversation with my doctor about it today. My heart is good. My blood sugar is normal. I do exercise. Not that he thinks my weight is in a healthy range but he understands where I am is guiding my HEALTH not my size. Are you healthy? That’s what matters. 

I was afraid to put this out there. I am still afraid to lay what I say in front of you but here it is.
I invite you to share your body story as well. We all have them. 

Ten Minute Tuesday

Photo Wednesday: Fall

I know Wednesdays are for photos but this is a collage a put together a while back about how much I LOVE fall. It is one my favorite times of year. fall-collage-story-marked