love you notes

Ten Minute Tuesday: Love You Notes

When was the last time you decided to drop someone you care about a little love you note just to let them know you were thinking about them? Did you know that to write a quick note to someone to show you are thinking about them can take ten minutes or less, especially as part Read More

Ten Minute Tuesday

Ten Minute Tuesday: The Art Project

My creative premise has been and continues to be that you can use your creativity in ten minutes a day and still accomplish works of art or pieces of writing. I want to take you down the road of an art project done in ten-minute increments over the course of a couple of days. This Read More

Take Your

Take Your “Artist Date” In A New Direction

Have you been looking for some other ways to play with your creativity? Julia Cameron, in her book The Artists Way, talks about taking herself on “Artist dates.” The artist date is a weekly date that you make with yourself to experience something creative outside of your normal creative work. Many people take time out Read More


Photo Wednesday: It’s the Small Things

It’s the small things that catch our eye, bring us joy and wonder. Yes, Grand things are spectacular and awe-inspiring. However, I see the small things as those that touch my heart. Collections of pieces of friends and loved ones who have given me something that symbolizes our relationship in some way. Other small things, Read More

Ten Minute tuesday

Ten Minute Tuesday: Creating Your PlayDates!

It’s a late post today and the first in a while. I have been having some health issues that have interfered with posting. As the new year as arrived, I thought about what kind new creative experiences  I would like for this year. It isn’t so much about resolutions but rather inviting in opportunities for Read More

five and five list

Ten Minute Tuesday: The Five and Five List

The new year is coming upon us and goal setting for it seems to be on a lot of people’s minds. There are A LOT of really good planning guides out there. I have used some of them. However, I want to show another way to think about your new year. The planners often require Read More


Happy Holidays To All

I don’t know what holidays you celebrate. Or maybe you don’t celebrate at all. I don’t know what traditions you have or where you will be going or staying. I don’t know if you are happy this time of year or maybe sad. I do know that I wish for you a time of good Read More

yule reflection

Ten Minute Tuesday: A Yule Reflection

  Tonight is the shortest day longest night of the year. Welcome to winter solstice what I consider the beginning of the Yule season and will continue for 12 days. Yule is the whole season, and winter solstice is usually considered the start of the season. The ideologies and rituals are steeped in history from Read More

All I Want

All I Want for Christmas… A Gift for Loves Ones

I could say there are many things that I want. I wants new photography equipment( like a lightbox), a Lane Bryant gift card, some new art supplies, maybe some new jewelry pieces, warm slippers, and new business cards (but thanks to mom those are on their way). But those are just things. What I want Read More