Tips for Writing a Beautiful Love Letter

When was the last time you sent a love letter to someone special? Love letters are wonderful gifts to receive for they can express on paper some of the things that we often find difficult to say out loud. Handwritten letters have a personal quality that doesn’t come from long stem roses or a box Read More

i'm sorry quotes

Over 50 Creative Quotes to Say I’m Sorry

I want no part in saving the world. I do want to be someone that another person can count on the be there for them when the world cause them to feel insecure. I want to be the person that aplogizes when I can’t save them from my mistakes and I have let them down. Read More


Ten Minute Tuesday: Talking to Your Critic

We all have at least one in our head. One critic that doesn’t shut up. He or She is the critic in the stands that Brene’ Brown often refers too. They aren’t supposed to matter because they do not get down in the arena with you. They don’t wrestle with the world and come up Read More

Four Poems

Four Poems to Inspire You

    Let’s gather by the golden, red fire in the early morning, before dawn breaks through. While the madness of sleep still inhabits our minds. Time to dance before the flames, heal our younger selves, while laughing and singing, wildly spinning around the circle, howling like wolves under the moon. Medicine women, with the Read More

wrting acrostic poem

Ten Minute Tuesday: Acrostic Poem

“An acrostic poem is a type of poetry where the first, last or other letters in a line spell out a particular word or phrase. The most common and simple form of an acrostic poem is where the first letters of each line spell out the word or phrase.” Young Writers Free Glossary For example Read More


That 20 Random Facts Post

We have been formally introduced on my about me page. I even gave you some fun random facts about me. Well, it’s been a while, and I thought let’s tell you a little bit more about myself. So just for fun here are 20 random facts about me.  Do you relate to any of them? Read More



How often have you felt that you take up too much space in the world? Or maybe you were in the wrong place, an outsider not wanted? Have you ever been displaced? I think most people experience it at least once in their lifetime. We feel must shrink away and not be so loud, or Read More

The Post that Wasn’t

What if I didn’t have a post for you today? What would you fill the space with? What Creative trail would you walk down if there were nothing too read today? The post that I had for today “poofed” away. I had notes and a rough draft and now they are both misplaced, lost somewhere Read More

Ten Minute Tuesday: Writing Prompts Part 2

Here are some more fun writing prompts for you to explore in a journal, in a poem, or in a story. If you feel like sharing please feel free to do so in the comments or on my Facebook page. I love hearing from you.   HAPPY WRITING for you Ten Minute Tuesday!!!!   I Read More

Bari Tessler: Healing Our Money Stories

Money. For creative people, just the word alone can make you squirm a little, whether you have it or whether you don’t. With Bari Tessler as your money liaison, money does not have to be scary or the giant elephant in the room that everyone is afraid to talk about. She points it out. Calls Read More