Creative Coaching

The “Encouraging E-mail” Coach 

This is your chance to have a cheerleader in your inbox!

It is so simple.

 Send me an e-mail telling me all about your creative goal(s) for the week. At two different times during the seven day period, I will send you encouraging and supportive responses meant to move you towards your goal. On the seventh day, just send another e-mail letting me know how you did. Next, we will set you up for the following week. How simple is that? This package is perfect for you if you really need to be held accountable to someone to complete your goal(s).

I will be your person for providing accountability and support.

Just $20/mo to subscribe for your own encouraging e-mails.

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The Creative Play E-mail Coaching Package

Are you looking for more intense coaching?

Does your creativity need someone to help you discover it again?

Are you waiting to have fun with your creative soul?

Creative Play is all about stretching the creative spirit into new directions. With this intense creative coaching package, you will reach into your creative self and rediscover your creativity.
Do you have a creative dream you are trying to express and you feel stuck bringing it to life? The Creative Play approach will work to lead you out of stuckness and into the creative flow again.

Why E-mail coaching?

Well, creativity doesn’t always sleep and sometimes, you may need to reach out and get something off your mind in the middle of the night. An e-mail is a perfect choice. Or maybe you forget to mention something in the first phone call or in a previous e-mail, just write and send another quick email. Problem solved.

The Creative Play E-mail Coaching Package entitles you to five e-mails from me a week, and you can e-mail as often as you need. There will be weekly homework especially designed for you and your creative needs. Creative homework will be fun, inspiring, and change your creative life. You can choose 30, 60, or 90 days of coaching. Contact me, I would LOVE to work with you.  Once payment is received I will be in contact with you to make arrangements for your phone call.

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