DIY Friday: Fall Floral Hanging

Happy DIY Friday. Friday’s are now my DIY days for sending you lovely projects that you can work on over the weekend. Now, today, I have a treat for you. After last weeks floral chandelier, FTD reached out with one of their own amazing projects for me to share with you. I am excited to Read More

flower chandelier

DIY: Make a Flower Chandelier in Six Steps

The weekend is here and I have the perfect DIY project just for you! This project has some great elements; fun, flowers, imagination, and a new twist on an old idea. ProFlowers has created a whole video tutorial on how to make a flower chandelier. I have seen different versions on Pinterest, often using silk Read More

Fourteen Tips on Self Care for theCreative Person

Fourteen Tips of Self- Care for the Creative Person

Being creative is its own form of self-care. However even creative people need to take some time out and refuel their souls. Self-care is the new trend in today’s need to tend to our body and souls that are sometimes starving from lack of attention. Creativity is one of the recommendations for self-care. If you Read More

Photo Wednesday

Photo Wednesday: Seeking out Renoir

Pierre-Auguste Renoir [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Something a little different for your Wednesday. A photo of one of my favorite pieces of art. A painting by Renoir in 1876. I used to have this on my wall growing up. I was always drawn to her. I wished that I could disappear into her world Read More

Experience Awe Every Day

Experience Awe Every Day

There’s a storm raging outside my window. The wind is howling, the rain is pouring and all I want to do is curl up with coffee, a good book and a blanket, maybe take a nap. Instead, I know I promised I would write myself a post today. On my schedule I was supposed to write Read More

creativity coaching


How often have you felt that you take up too much space in the world? Or maybe you were in the wrong place, an outsider not wanted? Have you ever been displaced? I think most people experience it at least once in their lifetime. We feel must shrink away and not be so loud, or Read More

up through the tree

Autumn: Season of Letting Go

Autumn is a season of contrasts, of letting go and preparing for hibernation under warm blankets with hot chocolate, and a pull to be outside, crunching leaves and gathering fall harvests. This year I am focusing on letting go. Letting go of those ideas and things that no longer help me. Letting go and preparing Read More

sunlit tree

Hands of the Sun

Have you felt the hands of the sun,  reaching down to touch you in the early morning,  as fingers play across the treetops and tumble down mountain sides,  skip across the grass?  Have you see the beauty of it’s reach just to greet you for the day.