Ten Minute Tuesday: Creativity is Your Birthright!

Creativity is your birthright! You were born to be creative. There is no doubt about that. Just look at your body and the way that it heals itself each time…each time it has to mend something new or different or fight a new cold, it gets creative to heal you. Your mind is just as Read More

creative dedication

How to Step up Your Creative Dedication

Have you ever dedicated yourself to something? Have you ever felt the call to pursue a path so much that you knew that no matter if you failed or succeeded you would follow the path anyways. Elizabeth Gilbert, in her book Big Magic, discusses how she dedicated herself to writing as a teenager. In her Read More

creative genius

Ten Minute Tuesday: Your Creative Genius

I have been thoroughly enjoying Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic. In one chapter she talks about the creative genius. It was once believed that we, ourselves were not the creative genius but rather we had genius. This is an important distinction. A creative genius is a companion, a source of enlightenment and creative power. It Read More

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My Fave Blogging People Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of my favorite people. Seven more fascinating and creative people that inspire me  often. 1) Leonie Dawson: I remember Leonie from the planetsark forum many years ago. I remember when she posted that she sold her first print to Blue Mountain. Now, this phenomenal  woman has taken on a life and business of Read More

Il bel far niente

Ten Minute Tuesday: “Il bel far niente.”

“Il bel far niente.”
 The beauty of doing nothing. An Italian ideal that came to light when Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Eat Pray Love was released. It is not our typical American culture way of thinking or even believing to be true. In our “pull yourself up by the bootstraps”, “work hard, then play hard” culture, Read More