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Ten Minute Tuesday: Coloring Pages

The art of coloring is no longer just for kids. More adults are now participating in this fun and relaxing activity. People use it for de-stressing to a form a meditation. In this busy world that emphasizes “go, go, go” and “busy” has become a feeling word when asked “How are you feeling?”, coloring can Read More


One of “THOSE” Days…

Not every day is going to be a beautiful creatively harmonious day. There are going to be days when the shadows of fear and doubt will crowd your mind. Writers may have days when the ending just won’t come. A painter may not be able to figure out that last piece to complete the painting. Read More

How to Make Chirstmas Bows

Creative stumbling

Something wonderful happens when you open yourself up to seeking creativity. You find creative inspiration often when you aren’t really looking for it. You can be cruising through Facebook, or stumbling through the web, flipping magazines open, or scanning daily news, but because you have made a conscious decision to seek out more creative opportunities, Read More