photo backdrop

DIY Friday: Create Your Own Photo Backdrop

I have been recovering from carpal tunnel surgery so I have not been able to post. However, I have for you a cool, sweet guest post from Emma of How would you like to make your own permanent awesome photo backdrop that you can change in several different styles?  The fabulous design behind this Read More

Four Poems

Four Poems to Inspire You

    Let’s gather by the golden, red fire in the early morning, before dawn breaks through. While the madness of sleep still inhabits our minds. Time to dance before the flames, heal our younger selves, while laughing and singing, wildly spinning around the circle, howling like wolves under the moon. Medicine women, with the Read More

DIY_ Photo Transfer to Wood

DIY: Photo Transfers to Wood

Photo transfers  to wood: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this project. I have done it a few times now. I thoroughly enjoy the results of the rustic look of the picture on wood. I am keeping the post simple. Several pictures with instructions under each one. Now you can follow this easy step by step tutorial Read More

Photo Wednesday

Photo Wednesday: Seeking out Renoir

Pierre-Auguste Renoir [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Something a little different for your Wednesday. A photo of one of my favorite pieces of art. A painting by Renoir in 1876. I used to have this on my wall growing up. I was always drawn to her. I wished that I could disappear into her world Read More

going anywhere

Photo Wednesday: Going Anywhere?

“She took the midnight train going anywhere.” Journey, Don’t Stop Believin’ I love railroad tracks especially old ones, overrun with grass, weeds, and wildflowers. They used to go somewhere. At some point people would board the train and take off on an adventure somewhere. Train tracks carry mystery and intrigue for me. They leave me Read More

photo wednesday winter

Photo Wednesday: Winter is Coming

Winter is coming, arriving in spurts in the valley.  In the Sacramento area, winter basically has three types of days: foggy and gray with cold, wake up to everything frosted, no clouds, and FREEZING, and rain. There is no snow here and the worst of the foggy days rolls in about January. In fact, January is Read More


Photo Wednesday: Peace and Comfort

How do you find peace and comfort when you need it? What brings you ease from stress and the daily grind of the world? I find peace and comfort in simple things.


Friday DIY: Magnet Tutorial

My post is coming a bit late today. Getting ready for two kids birthday parties this weekend has me running behind. I still wanted to send you into the weekend with something fun to try. In my post, Creative Soul Revealed, I talk about the pendants that I make. I also make magnets and keychains. Read More

How to Make Chirstmas Bows

Photo Wednesday: Fall

I know Wednesdays are for photos but this is a collage a put together a while back about how much I LOVE fall. It is one my favorite times of year.